Monday, October 27, 2014

homemade happiness: string art pumpkin

I have been loving all the unique ways to decorate pumpkins this year - from gold paint jobs to cross stitching to beautiful calligraphy. Also, where have white pumpkins been all my life? I have been seeing them pop up all over the city in garden centres. Is this a new thing or have I just been blind to them in the past? Of course, I had to have one in my home so here is my spin on decorating them.

String art is one of my favourite projects on Pinterest. I haven't had a chance to do any of them yet, so why not on a pumpkin? I get to play with string art and have beautiful fall decor - win, win!

Tools & Supplies:
  • medium white pumpkin
  • embroidery thread
  • decorator nails
  • hammer
  • pencil
  • scissors (not pictured)

01: First of all, I had to wipe down my pumpkin as he wasn't the cleanest little fellow. Next, I marked where I wanted the nails to go for my pattern. Honestly, I sort of guessed. I did the bottom of the arrows in the pumpkin creases and the top of the arrow centered between. I eyeballed it to make sure it was somewhat horizontal.

02: Next, I hammered in nails on my marks. I left a little bit of the nail sticking out so I could wrap my thread around. If they stick out too far, you can always hammer them in a bit more after you wrap the thread.

03: For for the fun part - wrapping the thread to create the design. I tied it off on the first nail and then followed my design by giving it a quick wrap around the nail heads. I doubled up my thread on the top of the arrow to create some variety in line thickness and to get the thread back over to the right so I could start my next arrow.

There you have it, an other take on decorating pumpkins for autumn! I only did my design on the good side because the back wasn't looking the greatest. If you are only going to display one side, I don't see the point of going all the way around.

Did you display pumpkins this fall? Did you apply any cool decor treatments?

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