Why, hello there. I’m Stephanie. Nice to meet you. Welcome!

Welcome to Apartment Amour! I am glad you found your way to this part of the world wide web. Like I said, I’m Stephanie. By day, I am a product designer. I design light fixtures, hair dryers, cushions, handheld massagers, furniture - you name it. It’s all over at

After a long day at the computer, I look forward to coming home to my love Noah and my pet rabbit Baby Buns (short for Baby Bunny). We all live in a one bedroom apartment in Toronto, Ontario where I have about a billion projects on the go. Sometimes I need a little more motivation to get them done, so sharing them with you should do the trick!

I love everything about the home. I am a total homebody - aka hermit. Canadian winters are cold and snowy - you can’t make me go outside! Even more reason to make my home warm and cozy.

So come on in and make yourself at home! I’ll put the kettle on for tea.

xoxo Stephanie

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